Allow space at the end of p{L} in Regex

I have following regular expression in my validator :

validator.addValidation(userNameLayout, "[\\p{L}\\ \\'\\-\\,\\.]+[\\p{L}//]", context.resources.getString(R.string.verification_userdata_name_invalid))

Is there any solution to allow just whitespace at the end of p{L} and nothing else?

So it is possible to enter : ali rezaei

but it is not possible to enter : ali.

Now I have added this +[\S] to end of regex :

"[\\p{L}\\ \\'\\-\\,\\.]+[\\p{L}//]+[\\s]"

It allows a single space at the end but not multiple spaces. What is the solution?

1 answer

  • answered 2021-10-12 17:02 Wiktor Stribiżew

    The following regex:


    used in validator.addValidation(), should match the string that fully matches

    • [-\p{L} ',.]* - any zero or more letters, -, whitespaces, apostrophes, commas, dots
    • \p{L} - a Unicode letter
    • \s* - zero or more whitespace chars (optional trailing whitespaces).

    See the regex demo.

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