Issue when making network requests (React Native)

I used Ignite CLI to start working on a React Native project, Ignite uses MobX State Tree for state management, and apisauce as a client for HTTP requests, as well as Reactotron as a devtool.

The issue I'm currently facing is that network requests stop asynchronous functions from finishing execution (I also tried using fetch instead of apisauce, same issue).

The request is actually successful and I'm getting the response as shown in this Reactotron debug message

Reactotron prompt

The following is the function that I'm calling, added a comment to show where the execution stops

async getCategories(criteria: SearchCriteria): Promise<GetCategoriesResult> {
  const url = this.base + "/categories/list?" + criteria.parse();
  const response = await this.apisauce.get<Paging<Category>>(url); // Execution stops here
  if (!response.ok) {
    const res = getGeneralApiProblem(response);
    if (res) return res;
    return { kind: "bad-data" };
  return { kind: "ok", categories: };

Tested on iOS 14 (iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8 Plus)

Has anyone faced this issue before?

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