How to organize go package, module and main when not in the same (sub) folder

I am learning go, please excus eif this is too trivial. I have looked around, but have not found anything explaining this to my satisfaction. I have a package as addition to package main with function main. This package I wrote is in the own folder under $GOPATH/src and go build passes without any problems.

The main.go is in different folder (but not sub-folder) than above mentioned package. This is how folders look:

                 .. many .go files each with definition:
                    package a_package

go.mod in a_package folder looks like this:


go 1.17

The import in main.go looks like this:

import "a_package"

I run go build in $GOPATH/src/a_package, no messages I run go run main.go in $GOPATH/src/main and get:

go:10:5: package a_package is not in GOROOT (/usr/lib/go/src/a_package)

I would like to understand how properly create go.mod, imports, package when I write packages outside of main folder path. Thank you.

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