JSESSIONID cookie blocked in Chrome from http to https in Iframe

I have a java webapp deployed in weblogic that is having the JSESSIONID cookie blocked by chrome since "Schemeful Same-Site" from Chromium become default in version 92.

My webapp is in a Iframe from a site that is in another domain but same subdomain. The first pages of my webapp are in http and then a submit a POST to another domain that is in https. In this moment the JSESSION is blocked. So when the flow comes back to my web app (this pages are already in https) the JESSIONID remains blocked.

Below some information to illustrate the scenario:

The flow is the following

  1. I access http://xxx.mycompany.com
  2. The Iframe inside it for my application access http://yyy.mydomain.com
  3. I create a JSESSIONID
  4. I do a POST to https://zzx.mydomain.com
  5. In this moment chrome block my JSESSIONID cookie
  6. The IAM redirects to https://yyy.mydomain.com
  7. JSESSIONID remains blocked

Below the screenshot the cookie in the step 3

enter image description here

Below the screenshot the cookie in the step 5

enter image description here

Note: if I do the same flow, but without Iframe, it means, accessing directly the URL in the step 2 the cookie is not blocked:

enter image description here

I've tried follow the steps below

I set in apache the config below. It hadn't worked, the only effect it did was to allow create a new JSESSIONID cookie after it redirects to step 6. But it is not sufficient, I need the same cookie since the step 1 up to step 6.

# It was set only in the https
Header edit Set-Cookie ^(JSESSIONID.*)$ $1;SameSite=None;Secure
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