Is there any way to make the Google Translate plugin play nice with translations that already exist?

We have human translated versions of our site in about two dozen different languages, and I'm trying to figure out any way to make the Google Translate chrome tool (and other browsers) play nicely. As users are used to using it to translate sites, I don't want to disable the functionality completely and force users to hunt down our flag icon, but am trying to figure out how to work with it.

Ideally, I'd want to add meta tags, or similar, so that the "translate to Japanese" button just redirects to the Japanese version of the same page, but a JS callback or any other way to intercept the translation would also work.

I found this answer a while ago and tried a solution based on that, but since it relies on a class name being added to the HTML tag it only detects post translation, so the page flashes a couple of times with Google's translate, then completely reloads with ours. It's horribly ugly.

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