How to secure paypal sucess.php page

Paypal sends the user back to the host website and sends PDT or payment data transfer in the url after the payment but what is stopping someone from opening and manipulating the data like if he enters item number, tx, amount and everything else in the url and reloads the page then this script is going to enter that record into the database. How can we avoid this ?

    // Include configuration file 
    include_once 'config.php'; 
    // Include database connection file 
    include_once 'dbConnect.php'; 
    // If transaction data is available in the URL 
    if(!empty($_GET['item_number']) && !empty($_GET['tx']) && !empty($_GET['amt']) && !empty($_GET['cc']) && !empty($_GET['st'])){ 
        // Get transaction information from URL 
        $item_number = $_GET['item_number'];  
        $txn_id = $_GET['tx']; 
        $payment_gross = $_GET['amt']; 
        $currency_code = $_GET['cc']; 
        $payment_status = $_GET['st']; 
        // Get product info from the database 
        $productResult = $db->query("SELECT * FROM products WHERE id = ".$item_number); 
        $productRow = $productResult->fetch_assoc(); 
        // Check if transaction data exists with the same TXN ID. 
        $prevPaymentResult = $db->query("SELECT * FROM payments WHERE txn_id = '".$txn_id."'"); 
        if($prevPaymentResult->num_rows > 0){ 
            $paymentRow = $prevPaymentResult->fetch_assoc(); 
            $payment_id = $paymentRow['payment_id']; 
            $payment_gross = $paymentRow['payment_gross']; 
            $payment_status = $paymentRow['payment_status']; 
            // Insert tansaction data into the database 
            $insert = $db->query("INSERT INTO payments(item_number,txn_id,payment_gross,currency_code,payment_status) VALUES('".$item_number."','".$txn_id."','".$payment_gross."','".$currency_code."','".$payment_status."')"); 
            $payment_id = $db->insert_id; 
    <div class="container">
        <div class="status">
            <?php if(!empty($payment_id)){ ?>
                <h1 class="success">Your Payment has been Successful</h1>
                <h4>Payment Information</h4>
                <p><b>Reference Number:</b> <?php echo $payment_id; ?></p>
                <p><b>Transaction ID:</b> <?php echo $txn_id; ?></p>
                <p><b>Paid Amount:</b> <?php echo $payment_gross; ?></p>
                <p><b>Payment Status:</b> <?php echo $payment_status; ?></p>
                <h4>Product Information</h4>
                <p><b>Name:</b> <?php echo $productRow['name']; ?></p>
                <p><b>Price:</b> <?php echo $productRow['price']; ?></p>
            <?php }else{ ?>
                <h1 class="error">Your Payment has Failed</h1>
            <?php } ?>
        <a href="index.php" class="btn-link">Back to Products</a>
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