How to plot my networkx graph the way I want?

I'm trying to create a chessboard with networkx and plot it, so my code looks like this:

import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from string import ascii_lowercase

G = nx.Graph()

letters = ascii_lowercase[:8]
for index, letter in enumerate(letters):
    for number in range(1,9):
        if number<8:
            G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letter}{number+1}")
        if number>1:
            G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letter}{number-1}")
        if index<7:
            if number<8:
                G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letters[index+1]}{number+1}")
            if number>1:
                G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letters[index+1]}{number-1}")
            G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letters[index+1]}{number}")
        if index>0:
            if number<8:
                G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letters[index-1]}{number+1}")
            if number>1:
                G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letters[index-1]}{number-1}")
            G.add_edge(f"{letter}{number}", f"{letters[index-1]}{number}")


and the output is: Figure

which is quite nice, but I'm trying to make it look more like a chessboard so is there any way I can force the plot to fix a1 node on the bottom left or something to make it look like a square(always)?


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