How to draw two figures in one using networkx?

I am trying to draw two figures together, but they come out displaced one with respect to the other. First, I define the badminton pitch with a function.

def bad_courtV(ax=None, color='black'):
    # If an axes object isn't provided to plot onto, just get current one
    if ax is None:
        ax = plt.gca()

    ax.plot([0,61],[0,0], color=color)
    ax.plot([61,61], [0,134],color=color)
    ax.plot([61,0], [134,134],color=color)
    ax.plot([0,0], [134,0],color=color)
    ax.plot([0,61],[67,67], color=color, linewidth=4)

    ax.plot([56.4,56.4],[0,134], color=color)
    ax.plot([61,0],[126.4,126.4], color=color)
    ax.plot([0,61],[7.6,7.6], color=color)

    ax.plot([61,0],[86.8,86.8], color=color)
    ax.plot([0,61],[47.2,47.2], color=color)

    ax.plot([30.5,30.5],[47.2,0], color=color)
    ax.plot([30.5,30.5],[86.8,134], color=color)

    return ax

and the plot a network of a sequence of strokes:


pos_bad = pos_bad
nx.draw_networkx(B, pos_bad,with_labels=True,width=0.25,ax=ax,edge_color='gray',arrows=True)

The results is a figure like that: One figure is in left bottom corner and the other in the right upper corner

Of course, I would like that the network is drawn on the pitch. Can anyone help me with how to do it? Thanks in advance

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