Google Cloud Build: Moving files

I want to move the file index.js from the root of the project to the dist/project_name. This is the step from cloudbuild.yaml:

  - name: ''
    entrypoint: /bin/bash
    args: ['-c', 'mv', 'index.js', 'dist/project_name']

But the step is failing with the next error:

Already have image (with digest):
mv: missing file operand
Try 'mv --help' for more information.

How I can fix this issue?

1 answer

  • answered 2021-10-24 16:07 DazWilkin

    Because you're using bash -c, I think you need to encapsulate the entire "script" in a string:

    args: ['-c', 'mv index.js dist/project_name']

    My personal preference (and it's just that), is to not embed JSON ([...]) in YAML. This makes the result in this case slightly clearer and makes it easier to embed a multiline script:

    - bash
    - -c
    - |
      mv index js dist/project_name

    NOTE tools like YAMLlint will do this for you too.

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