Firestore Database structure for a class/lab Booking android app

What would be the best data structure for a class/lab android app using Firestore Database ?

I know it depends on popularity and number of hits/day etc. In my case its a University project , so I guess minimum clicks per day. I am just looking for something that would be easier for me because I am new to the whole no SQL thing.

Here are the needs: There are classrooms. In every classroom there are computers. Classrooms are open from 09:00 - 21:00. The app will allow users to reserve some time at a classroom of choice (half hour based programm).

I think I need 2 top tier collections. Collection Users that contain documents of students. Collection Classrooms that contain documents of classrooms.

From there, I am getting trouble finding a good solution to continue. Any tips, ideas would be more than welcomed. Thanks!

Here is a flow chart I made for better visualization of my project:

Here is a flow chart I made for better visualization of my project.

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  • answered 2021-10-24 17:02 Canada2000

    First, very impressive graph you created. Great work !

    As mentioned by Frank in his comment, the answer really depends on your specific use case and there is definitely no one solution. I will still share with you some ideas I wish someone shared with me when I started my project (very similar to yours).

    1. Booking Collection: This will be your core collection. You need to add it. A booking is for a computer booked by one user during a period of time. You need to have this as a separate collection for security reasons (users only access their own bookings). You will also use this collection to ensure a computer is not double-booked.
    2. Computer Collection: You mentioned the room collection, but more importantly is the computer collection

    Agreat resource to learn more in this link

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