Blazor Server App cannot remove Identity Pages

I have a Blazor Server App. It authenticates via SSO, so I have no need for Identity/Account/Login or Identity/Account/Register. I have tried a number of things to remove them, but nothing seems to work. Things I have tried:

  1. I have deleted the files, but the app seems to still redirect to them.

  2. Reroute endpoints in Startup.cs Config method:

    app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
          //try to redirect to the home page   
          endpoints.MapGet("/Identity/Account/Register", context => Task.Factory.StartNew(() => context.Response.Redirect("/", true, true)));
          endpoints.MapPost("/Identity/Account/Register", context => Task.Factory.StartNew(() => context.Response.Redirect("/", true, true)));

All this does is redirect from the Register page to the Login page

  1. Re-scaffold the Register/RegisterConfrimation/Login pages and updated them as this:


public class RegisterModel : PageModel
        public IActionResult OnGet()
          return Redirect("~/");

        public IActionResult OnPost()
            return Redirect("~/");

But this also just redirects to the Login page.

  1. Update links to point to another page. Yes, I can do this, but users can still type in the URL and go to the Login or Register pages

So, how do I remove these pages so users cannot access them?

Update It seems if I run my app in debug (Debug->Start Debugging) this works. But, if I run it al control+F5 it does not work. I'm not sure what the difference is?

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