How to pay multiple people in node.js

I am trying to implement something where you pay someone (me), and also someone else automatically in node.js/react but I am finding it really difficult to find something on exactly how to do this.

Currently I am using paypal to send payments to sandbox accounts, however cant seem to find anything on how to send to myself and another user at the same time. I researched the paypal API docs and many options are deprecated with little guidance online.

below is my current code to send a single payment.

 useEffect(() => {
            createOrder: (data, actions, error) => {
                return actions.order.create({
                    intent: "CAPTURE",
                    purchase_units: [
                            description: "Online Therapy",
                            amount: {
                                currency_code: "GBP",
                                value: price,
            onApprove: async (data, actions) => {
                const order = await actions.order.capture();
                if (order.status === "COMPLETED") {
            onError: (error) => {
    }, []);

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated for me and others who I have seen have the same issue.

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