Is there a way to get estimated time of completion of a currently running Informatica workflow in Infra metadata tables

I am working with this metadata table REP_WFLOW_RUN currently from Infra DB, to get status about workflows. The column run_status_code shows whether this wf is running, succeeded, stopped, aborted etc..

But for my Business use case I also need to report to Business, the estimated time of completion of this particular work flow.

Example: If suppose the workflow generally started at 6:15, then along with this info that work flow has started I want to convey it is also estimated to complete at so and so time.

Could you please guide me if you have any details on how to get this info from Informatica database.

Many thanks in advance.

1 answer

  • answered 2021-10-28 12:31 Koushik Roy

    This is a very good question but no one can answer correctly :) Now, you can get some logic like other scheduling tool does.

    1. First calculate average time the workflow takes to complete for a successful run. And output should be a decimal value.
    select avg(end_time - start_time )*24 avg_time_in_hr, workflow_name
    Where run_status_code='succeeded'
    Group by workflow_name
    1. You can use above value as estimated time to completion for that workflow. Output should be a datetime.
    Select sysdate + avg_time_in_hr/24 est_time_to_complete from dual

    Now, this value is an estimated figure and not correct value. So on a bad day, if this takes hours, average value will be bad but we cant do much here. I assumed, your infa metadata is on oracle.

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