Jekyll Rouge washed out Monokai color

I'm using Github Pages Jekyll static website generator with Cayman theme on Rouge Monokai syntax highlighting on my website.

I used the instructions from this answer.

I copied the scss from:

And posted it into assets/css/style.scss on the website.

Non-language markdown color formatting has faint text:

jekyll rouge default.png

This isn't the question but it is easier to read like pycharm doc string good ole monochrome monitor green:

enter image description here

The BIG problem

When it comes to Github's default markdown (for Python) it looks OK when previewed:

jekyll rouge markdown github style.png

However when you save the page, Krampdown or RedCarpet or whomever generates the HTML incorrectly using the ``` python code block:

jekyll rouge markdown python error.png

If it helps here is the content of my _config.yml:

theme: jekyll-theme-cayman
title: pippim - Open-source
description: Free open-source software for the World. Free of Ads too!

  syntax_highlighter: rouge
  input: GFM

How can I get Rouge formatting to work properly using the Monokai theme?

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