Randomly order elements in an array Once in React (Possibly using Use effect)

I'm working on a solo project quizzical whilst learning react but cant find a solution to give the answers a random order without breaking my code. I have tried to use a shuffle function but this just causes the order of the answers to change with every click, I also tried to add the correct answer at a random index but the same problem happened. Not sure if I have to totally restructure my code or if there is a workaround. Be great if someone could take a look.


As you can see all correct answers are in the last position in the answer array

I have attempted to use useEffect but really unsure if this is a situation where it should be used, this is just what i've left in my code. Removing the useEffect shuffles on every button click placing answers in the wrong places. I have included this code but may be hard to gauge the problem so scrim is attached

        const incorrectIds = [nanoid(), nanoid(), nanoid()]
        let counter = 0
        const correctAnswer = 
                                            onClick={e => {
                                                changeClass(correctId, 'correct')
                                                props.answerQuestion(e, 'correct')
        let answers = props.result.incorrect_answers
        let allAnswers = answers.map(answer => {
                            const id = incorrectIds[counter]
                            return (
                                onClick={e => {
                                    changeClass(correctId, 'correct')
                                    changeClass(id, 'incorrect')
                                    props.answerQuestion(e, 'incorrect')
       React.useEffect(function() {
           allAnswers = shuffle(allAnswers)
        }, [])```

1 answer

  • answered 2021-11-23 04:36 Jake Clifford

    I solved the problem by setting state of a randomly sorted array within use effect only changing when props.result changed

    const [randomArray, setRandomArray] = React.useState([])
    React.useEffect(function() {
    }, [props.result])

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