How to get Rhythmbox to work with HTTP directory sites?

So I found this website that hosts a large collection of music files (link:

I want to have Rhythmbox or some other music player connect to this website so that I can browse and listen to music instead of downloading all the music from the website to a local music folder.

I know Rhythmbox can connect to FTP servers (Ref) but I don't seem to find an FTP link for this particular site. I tried to connect using the following link (just a guess) but it gives me a could not connect error

I am not very good with network engineering but any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's some ideas that I assume could work:

  1. Create another server or script that translates this website into an FTP location that I could connect to on Ubuntu File manager(Nautilus) or Rhythmbox.

  2. Find the actual network location of an existing (if it does exist) FTP server near this web server that serves the same content.

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