How to install a gem if the author gives .gem.tar.gz archive file to download and install?

I am trying to install a ruby gem named Chilkat, I am on a Macbook Pro M1 machine(with arm64 architecture), I have ruby-3.0.0 installed on my machine and I have downloaded the chilkat-9.5.0-darwin-arm64-ruby-3.0.gem.tar.gz file from here(see Mac OS X M1 (arm64) Ruby 3.0.* link to download the file) and in that file there is no .gem file to install a local gem file via gem install <gemfilename>.gem

The problem is that the gem 'Chilkat' is not installable via gem install chilkat when the ruby version is 3.0.0 and I can't switch the ruby version because in other versions of ruby the Chilkat gem is not compatible with the Mac M1 system and its architecture(arm64)

I have tried the following:

  1. Renaming the file chilkat-9.5.0-darwin-arm64-ruby-3.0.gem.tar.gz to chilkat-9.5.0-darwin-arm64-ruby-3.0.gem and executing gem install chilkat-9.5.0-darwin-arm64-ruby-3.0.gem but it gives ERROR: While executing gem ... (ArgumentError) "\xE7<s/\x10\xE4\xE2\xE6" is not an octal string
  2. Extracting the archive file chilkat-9.5.0-darwin-arm64-ruby-3.0.gem.tar.gz and in that I found another archive file named data.tar.gz and I extracted that too, in that data.tar.gz I found lib folder and in that lib folder I found chilkat.bundle which I tried to install via bundle install chilkat.bundle but that too failed.

How do I install such a gem in such a case with above listed contents?

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