Trying to connect to Digital Ocean Kubernates Cluster - .kube/config: not a directory

I'm trying to connect to a Digital Ocean Kubernates cluster using doctl but when I run doctl kubernetes cluster kubeconfig save <> I get an error saying .kube/config: not a directory. I've authenticated using doctl and when I run doctl account get I see my account info. I'm confused as to what the problem is. Is this some sort of permission issue or did I miss a config step somewhere?

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  • answered 2021-11-27 19:09 DazWilkin

    kubectl (by default) stores a configuration in ${HOME}/.kube/config. It appears you don't have the file and the command doesn't create it if it doesn't exist; I recommend you try creating ${HOME}/.kube first as doctl really ought to create the config file if it doesn't exist.

    kubectl facilitates interacting with multiple clusters as multiple users in multiple namespaces through the use a tuple called 'context' which combines a cluster with a user with a(n optional) namespace. The command lets you switch between these easily.

    After you're done with a cluster, generally (!) you must tidy up its entires in ${HOME}/.kube/config too as these configs tend to grow over time.

    You can change the location of the kubectl config file using an environment variable (KUBECONFIG).

    See Organizing Cluster Access Using kubeconfig Files

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