Custom search that look for part of a string inside values of a model and its relationship (one to many)

I have a search input text that uses ajax to search for some articles (article is a model). Also, I have made a relationship one-to-many with another model "ArticleFile". Essentially, I need to look if there's a value that contains a string in the columns "title" or "description" of the article table OR (that's the hardest part) inside the column filename from the article file table with a column article_id. Since many articles contains a list of files attached to it, is there a way to search if the article's title, description or the filenames attached to it have a certain string that resembles my code? Or is there another way to achieve this?

Relationship one-to-many inside my Article model:

public function files() {
   return $this->hasMany(ArticleFile::class);

In my php file from the ajax call, I have the following method to retrieve the right articles (which doesn't work):

public function ajax_article_search()
  $value = $_POST['value'];
  $html = '';

  if($value) {
    // search if the title
    // or description
    // or filenames (of the relationship one-to-many)
    // have a certain $value
    $articles = Article::where('title', 'like', '%'.$value.'%') 
      ->orWhere('description', 'like', '%'.$value.'%') 
      ->files->where('filename', 'like', '%'.$value.'%') 
    // -- Code above not working
    // Error because of ->files...
    foreach($articles as $article) {
      $html .= '<a href="'.$article->url.'">';
      $html .= '<p>'.$article->title.'</p>';
      $html .= '</a>';

  echo $html;

1 answer

  • answered 2021-11-27 12:30 Rwd

    For querying against a relationship, you can use whereHas() (or in this case orWhereHas()):

    $articles = Article::where('title', 'like', '%'.$value.'%')
        ->orWhere('description', 'like', '%'.$value.'%')
        ->orWhereHas('files', function ($query) use($value) {
            $query->where('filename', 'like', '%'.$value.'%');

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