How to cast the Average layer output to push it into a Conv2D layer in Keras?

I am trying to build a custom CNN using keras functional API. The issue with my theoretical idea and pratical one is that when I try to Average the ouput of three Conv2D layers and pass it to another Conv2D. I get an error saying that the output of Average is tf.float meanwhile Conv2D (that is the first convolution layer of VGG16, because I am doing transfer learning) expects to get a tf.int32

I am getting the follwing error: **TypeError: Expected int32, got 0.0 of type 'float' instead.


  1. I have tried Maximum and Minimum as a test only and still getting the same error.
  2. Unfortunetly I can't share the code because of NDA.

Here's a code snippet:

self._layer_hs_o = Average(name="heads")(
      [self._layer_hs_s, self._layer_hs_m, self._layer_hs_l])
# Trying to pass the average output to the following Conv2D layer
self._layer_d2c_c = Conv2D(d2c_config["filters"], 

At this moment the model can't be compiled because of this step. When I skip it to normal convolutions only it get compiled and the learning happens normally. Yet I need to use the Average layer at some extent.

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