Get the access to default java container (TestContainers) in spock test

I have a spock integration test which initiates additional container.

protected GenericContainer seleniumStandalone =
        new GenericContainer<>("selenium/standalone-chrome:latest")
                .withCreateContainerCmdModifier({ cmd -> cmd.withName('dockerized-chrome') })
                        MountableFile.forClasspathResource("", 0744),"/")
                        MountableFile.forClasspathResource("", 0744),"/")

Container "dockerized-chrome" has a python script. Script inside him is trying to make a request to endpoint which is originally in java soruce code. That why I am curious that is any way to get information about name or id java container which is created by TestContainers annotation which has also endpoints created in java project. I added a picture to make it clearer.

enter image description here

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