How to make a jpicker color picker in dynamic grid

I have a dynamic grid for which each row I want to show a color picker. Now For color picker I have the required js and css files and the color picker works when I am making in aspx page

but I want the color picker dynamicalaly for each row

This is my color picker :

        window: {
            expandable: true,
            position: {
                x: 'right', // acceptable values "left", "center", "right", "screenCenter", or 
 relative px value
                y: 'bottom' // acceptable values "top", "bottom", "center", or relative px 
            active: new $.jPicker.Color({ ahex: 'ffff' })

and here is the part of my html that I m using to make the color picker in a dynamic grid:

  html += "<td class=\"GreyBorder\"><span id='clcColor"+ Count + "' class='colorPicker' > 
   </span>  </td>";

But it just shows me the an empty td

Can anybody help me in this regard?

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