How to turn images into this data format?

I have this dataset ( i downloaded from Can anyone tell me what these numbers respresent? Is it numpy array?


How to turn images (emphasis on the S) into these? I'm trying to turn my raw images into a workable dataset. Thanks in advance!

Revision : I now know it's not numpy array, but i would like to make a dataset similar to this format (images feature extracted into number along with the class name)

1 answer

  • answered 2021-11-29 02:58 Andrey Lukyanenko

    This isn't a dataset of images. Per your link:

    Attribute Information:
    1. sepal length in cm
    2. sepal width in cm
    3. petal length in cm
    4. petal width in cm
    5. class:
    -- Iris Setosa
    -- Iris Versicolour
    -- Iris Virginica

    So you can't convert your images to a format of this dataset.

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