delete elements in json (python)

{'A': {'SUB_A1': ['one_1', 'one_2', 'one_3', 'one_4', 'one_5']},
      {'SUB_A2': ['two_1', 'two_2', 'two_3', 'two_4', 'two_5']},
'B': {'SUB_B1': ['one_1', 'one_2', 'one_3', 'one_4', 'one_5']},
      {'SUB_B2': ['two_1', 'two_2', 'two_3', 'two_4', 'two_5']},
'C': {'SUB_C1': ['one_1', 'one_2', 'one_3', 'one_4', 'one_5']},
      {'SUB_C2': ['two_1', 'two_2', 'two_3', 'two_4', 'two_5']}

I want to delete all elements end with '_4', '_5'.

The final json I want is below:

{'A': {'SUB_A1': ['one_1', 'one_2', 'one_3']},
      {'SUB_A2': ['two_1', 'two_2', 'two_3']},
'B': {'SUB_B1': ['one_1', 'one_2', 'one_3']},
      {'SUB_B2': ['two_1', 'two_2', 'two_3']},
'C': {'SUB_C1': ['one_1', 'one_2', 'one_3']},
      {'SUB_C2': ['two_1', 'two_2', 'two_3']}

I want to update the json all at once using a syntax such as labmda or list filter.

How can I delete or update those json elements?

Plz help

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