How to use google font in tkinter

Is There any way to use google custom fonts in Tkinter Application. I have google Font zip file from google font and I want to use that in my tkinter application.

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  • answered 2021-11-29 04:33 Aleksas

    I've came to the same problem, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to use custom fonts in traditional way anyways.

    But I came to a workaround by making a image with that text onto it.

    def create_text_image(self, text, color_rgba_code_tuple):
            fnt = Enums.ImageFont.truetype(Enums.FONT_DEFAULT, Enums.FONT_SIZE)
            text_width, text_height = fnt.getsize(text)
            img ='RGBA', (text_width,text_height))
            d = Enums.ImageDraw.Draw(img)
            d.text((0,0), text, font=fnt,fill=color_rgba_code_tuple)
            return Enums.PhotoImage(file=Enums.FONT_TEMPORARY_IMAGE_PATH)


    from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont, ImageTk


    You need to pass in your text and rgba tuple into the function; so, something like (255,255,255,255) for white text.

    And then simply add that image that the function returns to a list, and use it in wherever place you want (like Canvas for example).

    Hope this is clear.

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