How can I query the results of a MySQL query and get a COUNT() of the results that fall within a certain range?

thanks for taking the time.

I have the following query:

SELECT bike_id, 
  COUNT(trip_id) AS "trip_count", 
  COUNT(trip_id)/365 AS "avg_rides_per_day"
FROM 2017
GROUP BY bike_id;

Which gives me the results I want which are the distinct 'bike_id'(as there are no duplicates), the count of all the rides each 'bike_id' made in 2017, and the quick average for the year for each 'bike_id'.

From here, id like to know if I can have it display the COUNT() of the "avg_rides_per_day" in different ranges, from this same result of the query above(since this info doesn't exist in the table without using this query). For example:

0.0000-0.5000 has 328
0.5001-1.0000 has 211
1.0001-1.5000 has 101 (but in a table format, the ranges being the headers)

Hope this makes some sense. I feel its a quick problem to solve but I'm not good(total newbie).

Thank you!

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