mui v5 styled Dialog not accepting styled width

I have mui v5 dialog that I am not able to set its width using style() component.

import {
} from "@mui/material";
import { Close } from "@mui/icons-material";
import { styled } from "@mui/material/styles";
import ActionButton from "./ActionButton";

import React from "react";

const StyledDialog = styled(Dialog)(({ theme }) => ({
  fullWidth: true, // it's not taking effect
  maxWidth: "lg",  // it's not taking effect
  padding: theme.spacing(2),
  position: "absolute",
  top: theme.spacing(5),
  "& MuiDialog-paper": {
    padding: theme.spacing(2),
    position: "absolute",
    top: theme.spacing(5),
  "& .MuiTypography-h6": {
    paddingRight: "0px",

export default function Popup(props) {
  const { title, children, openPopup, setOpenPopup } = props;
  return (
    <StyledDialog open={openPopup} onClose={() => setOpenPopup(false)}>
        <div style={{ display: "flex" }}>
          <Typography variant="h6" component="div" style={{ flexGrow: 1 }}>
            onClick={() => setOpenPopup(false)}
            <Close />
      <DialogContent dividers>{children}</DialogContent>

However, if I listed the props directly inside the it works.

<StyledDialog fullWidth="true" maxWidth="lg">


What is the correct way of setting up the width and maxWidth.

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