how to arrange a output of a loop (running on array) in to a list?

Sorry if I don't make any sense here, I've only been learning python for a few weeks.

(a) i want to arrange all 4 output arrays in such a way that it comes under one big array and then i can use np.ix_ to place each of the data elements of that list in their respective position.

np.ix_ will give shape mismatch error, as p_r takes only one 4 by 4 array, whereas i wanted them in to a one big array or list.

Thankyou so much !!

sorry, my code is too long, so iam just posting the sample code here.

import numpy as np

def transpose():
      k = np.zeros((100,100))
      p = np.array([[1,-1],[-1,1]])
      a =np.arange(1,65)
      tau = np.array([[ 1, 2,  3,  4],
                     [ 5,  6,  7,  8]])
      for i in range(4):
          k[i:i+2,i:i+2] = p
          p_r =
          k[np.ix_(a,a)]= p_r


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