Function if/elif/loop giving error message

My code is in a loop, im getting syntax error on the if statement on the last block, the loop ends just before "Game Over":

computer = int(computer)

  if computer == 0:
  elif computer == 1:
  elif computer == 2:

  print(f"Score:   Computador: {scorec}   Voce: {scorep}\n")

  if int(scorec) == 3:
    print("O computador ganhou o jogo!")
    replay = (input("Replay? 'Y' ou 'N'").upper()
  elif int(scorep) == 3:
    print("Voce ganhou o jogo!\n")
    replay = (input("Replay? 'Y' ou 'N'").upper()
print("Game Over!")

I messed a lot with indention and failed

error message:

> File "", line 93
>     elif int(scorep) == 3:
>     ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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