I'm planting money, but I'm getting paid

Description Farmer John Ryu's farm looks like a diamond. John Ryu, who manages the farm, became bored while taking care of the cows and read a book called The Tree Where Money Opens. And I try to bury coins on the farm with the idea that if I plant them in the ground, the money tree will grow. Ryu Joo, who wants to have fun even when burying coins, tries to bury them on the floor by increasing the coins one by one every step as she enters the center from the outside. Let's write a program that tells Ryu how many coins to bury in each land.

Input In the first line, the number T of TestCases is input. (1≤T≤9) For each TestCase, the size N (1≤N 이9) of the farm is given.

Output Output the number of coins to be buried in each land. The shape of the ground should also be printed in a diamond shape. (Output blank parts that are not in the shape of the ground.)

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1 1 3 1 121 12321 121 1

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