Video play using DRM

I need a functionality to save videos offline and protect video-content. So that content will be encrypt and will play in my app only.

I am using HLS streaming. So i am planning to use react-native-video

<Video source={{uri: <video_url> }}
       drm={{ <DRM_details> }}
       style={styles.backgroundVideo} />

drm= {{
    type: '<DRM_Type>',
    headers: {
        'Transfer-Encoding': 'Chunked',
        'Content-Type': 'application/octet-stream'

So i am using the above code i am facing some problems in this.

Problem 1:- I have a url with .m3u8 format. so it is playing in video player in my app that is fine. Now i want to save this video in my app. So in format will i save in the mobile so it will be in encrypt form?

Problem 2:- Will i have to make encryption in my app or i will get it from HLS streaming server?

Problem 4:- where from i can get DRM license key? will it help to protect my offline downloader videos?

Problem 4:- How that format i will play in my app from my local storage? So that user can play videos from local when is offline.

If anybody can clear me out on these things it will be great help.

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