I am having massive problems with Anaconda regarding few modules : xgboost,keras_tuner,bs4 and god knows how many might be there

I have tried a lot many times to get xgboost or the above mentioned modules. I will start with exactly what has happened. I was trying to work with spark and I had to download findspark because the pyspark gave me 'path error. After that I tried to install and did the java jdk8 stuff...JAVA_HOME and all the needed ones. After that I tried to install the findspark but I got an error with few modules saying there is inconsistency issues...so I googled it and found that I might just try to uninstall them...so I did and then I was able to install findspark. However even if I could install it still gave me module error. I tried about 30 times yesterday and still the same. So I thought to uninstall anaconda and re-install it. However it gave me same results instead I cant now use xgboost or few other modules. Please help mexgboost shown as downloadedProof it wasThe issue

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