PulseAudio delay before writeable callback called

I am currently using pulseaudio to play some audio while triggering another event that needs to happen essentially at the same time. The event is a light being turned on, ideally just need this to be visually "in sync" with the audio.

At the moment (high level) a callback is setup using pa_stream_set_write_callback() and then there is a main loop running over pa_mainloop_iterate().

The issue is there is a significant delay (~280ms) before my callback is called (i.e. the stream is writable) and this it is obvious that the audio is out of sync to the light event. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any info on this delay before the stream is writable.

Unloading the suspend-on-idle-module improved the delay from ~280ms to ~70ms. I am hoping this can be improved further (there is additional delay on top of the 70ms until sound is heard, so it is still visually noticeable).

Very high level pseudo code:

// callback - there is a delay before this is called
void streamWriteCallback(pa_stream*, size_t, void*)
    // write to stream


// setup code
pa_stream_set_write_callback(stream_, &streamWriteCallback, this);


// main loop
while (true)

Suggestions are appreciated.

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