Why a instance of TypeError has undefined e.fileName on node?

I'm throw a TypeError object, but in catch statement the error object has undefined lineNumber and fileName properties. I test the following code from MDN on nodejs v16:

try {
  throw new TypeError('Hello', "someFile.js", 10)
} catch (e) {
  console.log(e instanceof TypeError)  // true
  console.log(e.message)               // "Hello"
  console.log(e.name)                  // "TypeError"
  console.log(e.fileName)              // "someFile.js"
  console.log(e.lineNumber)            // 10
  console.log(e.columnNumber)          // 0
  console.log(e.stack)                 // "@Scratchpad/2:2:9\n"

but fileName and lineNumber still undefined.
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