Sphinx-build: using man builder name and checking whether created man pages are correctly displayed

I am new to sphinx and I have currently used it to generate man pages using the man builder name through sphinx-build.

Man pages seems they are successfully generated since the final output after executing sphinx-build is:

build succeeded.

The manual pages are in build\man.

Within build\man folder I can see there are a lot of files called as filename.1

Anyway, I would like to check that those man pages have been correctly created and also I would like to check how they are displayed from Windows. So is there any way I can check this from Windows?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-01-20 09:54 Rodri

    I have finally found mandoc and groff for Windows. Also groff is discussed here as accepted answer.

    Usages from Windows command prompt


    groff -Tascii -mm your_file | more for compatibility mode use:

    groff -C -Tascii -mm your_file | more

    groff for Windows can be downloaded from here


    mandoc.exe manpage.1 | more

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