C and MinGW: How do I fix my "No such file or directory" error?

I have made a python "compiler" that helps me compile my C code with gcc, for example it fetches all my header files and source files. So my cmd commmand is gcc {headers} {source} -o {build_dir}/build.exe -lgdi32 -w where {headers} is a string like -Ipath/to/headers/foo.h -Ipath/to/other/headers.foo2.h and where {source} is the same but with .c files. It seems that the compiler finds the header files, but when compiling my code it fails.

(btw I am trying to make a portable programming environment on my flash drive so python and mingw are both portable)

This is the error: fatal error: test.h: No such file or directory #include "test.h"

My project tree

I have put the third party library files into the mingw directory instead of making a custom one and then linking it in the gcc command.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-01-19 16:38 user17732522

    The -I option takes the path to the directory containing the header files or more specifically with an argument -Ipath and a directive #include<a/b.h>, the compiler will try to look for the header file at path/a/b.h.

    So you should not give it paths to header files, only to the directory or directories relative to which you use include directives.

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