Execute jquery after page load

I am facing the following problem:

On a webpage  page1 I have to click on a link.The second page opens on the same container (the link does not change plz check the photos)page2.

On the second page I have to execute some jquery. I am trying the following code:

`   $(document).ready(function(){
     alert("Thanks for visiting!");
        var vr1= document.getElementsByClassName("hc-inline-block hc-px1 hc-rounded hc-white")[0].innerText;
        alert("vr1 is: " + vr1);



The problem of this code is that it gets executed after the link is clicked but before the second page is loaded. This makes the class unavaiable...

Is there anyway I can execute some Jquery after the second page is fully loaded???

1 answer

  • answered 2022-01-20 08:06 Alduxo

    SetTimeout function worked on my case.

    setTimeout(function() {
        // do stuff here
    }, 1000);

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