Is there a way to create a PowerShell script to stop the virtual machine automatically during the idle time of the virtual machine in azure?

Please suggest me the powershell script to stop a virtual machine IN AZURE when it attains given maximum idle time and after that it must automatically starts running when the user logs into that virtual machine?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-01-19 16:48 Ken W MSFT

    One way to accomplish this is to create a scheduled task inside the VM. That scheduled task will trigger when the machine is idle. The script the task will run is:

    Stop-AzVM -Name <VM name> -ResourceGroupName <RG Name> -Force

    As for the second part of starting when a user logs on, that is not possible. The VM will be off/de-allocated, there is nothing to log on to.

    NOTE: the VM that has the scheduled task will also need the Azure Powershell modules installed on it and a system managed identity.

    Create Task image

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