Getting "Illegal characters in path" popup error in IIS when trying to explore folders in IIS

I have a strange situation in IIS. I do have ASP.NET projects configured for the IIS, but in one of the projects I simply can't navigate to its subfolders. When I click the > button to the right of the folder name, I get the popup error "Illegal characters in path".

I did check the basic settings and the advanced settings. Neither the Virtual Path has any illegal characters not the Physical Path has any illegal characters. I am a bit a confused, what should I do to resolve the error?

Thank you very much in advance, screen shot is below

enter image description here

1 answer

  • answered 2022-01-27 14:52 James

    I found a solution. It turns out I had to check the Virtual Directories. Once I clicked the 'View Virtual Directories', I found that in one of the virtual directories there is malformed path

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