User Parameters aren't sent with GA4 Event Configured in GTM

I've encountered a problem I've never seen before and don't know where to look anymore. I've configured user parameters in my GA4 Event Tag:

enter image description here

When debugging the event, I can clearly see that the parameters are recognised by GTM and are in fact there: enter image description here

But when checking the network for the google analytics call, I discovered that the user properties aren't found in the final url:


Since the gtm debugger shows everything is ok I don't even know where to look. Any help here would be highly appreciated. (BTW, exact same parameters are sent with pageviews without any problems)

2 answers

  • answered 2022-01-19 18:29 michalnovacek

    Check GA4 DebugView. Since I have tried to replicate your case I can see my user property in DebugView.

    GA4 DebugView

    GTM setup

  • answered 2022-01-21 04:58 screen1

    I can confirm that my user properties are passed on the network call and can be seen directly in the query string. I would completely double check your setup and potentially take another look at the network activity. Also, try making sure you have debug inside the GA4 interface enabled in the same browser. It shouldn't cause or limit the network activity but might be another way to verify.

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

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