Concatenation of unique values into a spark dataframe

I have two spark dataframes with different values that I would like to concatenate:


c1    c2
A     D
B     E
B     F


A    B
key1 4
key2 5
key3 6

I would like to concatenate the unique values for certain columns in these dataframes into a single dataframe. Thus, the output would be


values      origin
A           first
B           first
key1        second
key2        second
key3        second

1 answer

  • answered 2022-01-19 17:34 blackbishop

    Simple union should do the job:

    import pyspark.sql.functions as F
    df1 = df1.selectExpr("c1 as value").distinct().withColumn("origin", F.lit("first"))
    df2 = df2.selectExpr("A as value").distinct().withColumn("origin", F.lit("second"))
    res = df1.union(df2)

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