is there a way to tag video files independent of any tool

We are in the 21st century and still there is no good way to tag photos and videos? There is always a dependency on some tool... Is there no way to make the file autonomous with respect to its tags?

Video files, for example, are not friendly to tags. some video formats do not allow tagging at all. Some tools keep the meta data in their own external representation and when you copy the original file to some new destination, the meta data of the file in the destination is lost. Also this metadata may only be seen by this proprietary tool and is not seen by other tools (e.g. tagging by Adobe products are not visible/searchable in Windows Explorer)

Is there a universal way to tag any file including video files so that

  1. searching for files having a certain tag is possible in any tool
  2. when a file is copied, the tags are transferred with it
  3. when the file is edited in any tool and re-saved, the tags are not lost...?
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