How to find QMenu by Path?

I have QMenuBar with menu: File, New, Addons, Help. What I want to do: Menu with the name Addons is configurable. The user writes in console, for example, create_menu("Hello/world"), I need to create QMenu in Addons with the name "Hello" and Action in that menu with name world. If the user writes create_menu("Hello/world2") I need to add an action with the name "world2" in the menu Hello. Also i want to implement command to delete menus by that path. Now I have such a solution to create menus, but I what to find the simpler solution:

auto fspath = std::filesystem::path(path);
    std::function<std::pair<QMenu*, fs::path::iterator>(QMenu*, fs::path::iterator,
    fs::path::iterator)> enumerateMenu = [&enumerateMenu](auto menu, auto it, auto end)
        foreach (QAction *action, menu->actions()) {
            if(it != end && (*it) == action->text().toStdString() && action->menu())
                return enumerateMenu(action->menu(), ++it, end);
        return std::make_pair(menu, it);
    auto menuPos = enumerateMenu(customMenu, fspath.begin(), fspath.end());
    auto submenu = menuPos.first;

    for(auto it  = menuPos.second;; ++it)
        if(std::next(it) != fspath.end())
            submenu = submenu->addMenu(QString::fromUtf8((it->c_str())));
            auto actionsList = submenu->actions();
            auto pa = new QAction(QString::fromUtf8(it->c_str()), this);
            //connect(pa, &QAction::triggered, /*Not implemented*/);
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