Which superclass class is super().__init__(**kwargs) calling?

In the following code I instantiate RightPyramid as:

      p = RightPyramid(base=2, slant_height=7)
 class Rectangle:
     def __init__(self, length, width, **kwargs):
        self.length = length
        self.width = width

     def area(self):
        return self.length * self.width

     def perimeter(self):
        return 2 * self.length + 2 * self.width

 class Square(Rectangle):
     def __init__(self, length, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(length=length, width=length, **kwargs)

 class Triangle:
     def __init__(self, base, height):
        self.base = base
        self.height = height

     def tri_area(self):
        return 0.5 * self.base * self.height
 class RightPyramid(Square, Triangle):
     def __init__(self, base, slant_height, **kwargs):  
        self.base = base
        self.slant_height = slant_height
        kwargs["height"] = slant_height 
        kwargs["length"] = base
        super().__init__(base=base, **kwargs)
     def area(self):
        base_area = super().area()
        perimeter = super().perimeter()
        return 0.5 * perimeter * self.slant_height + base_area

     def area_2(self):
        base_area = super().area()
        triangle_area = super().tri_area()
        return triangle_area * 4 + base_area

The RightPyramid _mro_ results in:


My question is:

What is super()._init_(**kwargs) in Rectangle class calling? I think it calls the init from Triangle class, but Rectangle does not inherit from Triangle class; on the other hand it precedes Triangle in MRO

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