CTAs on External Hive MetaStore Vs Copy Command Redshift Performance

I am working on a migration project where I want to migrate the jobs from Hive/Presto to Redshift keeping performance improvement with data consistency in order as the top most priority. Ive done the analysis by POC of a COPY COMMAND ON S3 and a CTA on External Tables for approx 16 tables and found that there's as such very minimal difference between the 2 though CTAs on external table has shown better performance than Copy on average through graph but I wanna be 100% sure on this coz the ask is each day we get billions of records and reporting queries should be able to see complex queries data in less than milliseconds currently the test is done on a max to max 200k records. Can we say by this data load POC that CTAs on external hive metastore would show great performance for billions of data as well as compared to Copy command.

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