How to create multiple named URLs without adding to Vue router

I am creating a vue app where (a) a client can create a page, and then (b) a user can navigate to the page from a link or ideally from typing the url, e.g.,, where each client would have the subdomain named after their business (client1page). I cannot figure out how to accomplish this because of the dev need to add each page to the router in a specified format. Given that the clients can create these pages, I won't be able to add them to the router.

I currently think that the "client1page" would need to be a prop to pass into the app.

I do not have code as I'm still trying to work out the flow/structure of the app. I'm hoping someone knowledgeable in Vue could give me strategies for researching a potential solution.

To clarify further: Client users would be able to create client pages using a form on my app. After this is done, a customer user should be able to type in the website url provided by the client (a subdomain of the app) or navigate from a link. My obstacle is that I don't know how to structure this in view because of (a) the need to send props to tell the app what page to load (how can you send a prop from typing in a URL in the browser), and (b) the need to register pages in the app's router.

Thank you very much for any direction

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