Is there a way to artificially change the status of an exception from checked to unchecked?

For example, JSONException is unchecked in Java SE but it is checked in Android Studio. So when porting a project, that makes frequent use of JSON-related methods, from IntelliJ IDEA (or any other Java SE IDE) to Android Studio, you have to manually try/catch every single such call or choose to throw them in method signature and catch them elsewhere.

This process is extremely boring, mostly pointless, and as far as I know unavoidable. It is boring because you have to change a lot of already-working code and again change it back (or leave it redundantly) when you want to work on it again in SE, it is mostly pointless because some methods like calling put(key, value) ona newly-created empty JSONObject are obviously safe but you have to try/catch them anyway, and it is unavoidable because Android Studio does not allow you to use another version of the org.json library in your file.

My question is, how can we artificially change the status of such annoying exceptions so that both the compiler and the IDE do not expect us to catch them when mostly there is nothing to catch.

Thanks in advance.

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