file_name='export.pkl' 50 ---> 51 predictor = Predict(file_name)

I'm just trying to recall my model (learner model) of fastai pytorch i've already made, trained and saved in export.pkl now i'm recalling that model in another deployment app(using streamlit) to to classify the uploaded image based on the previously trained model

class Predict:
    def __init__(self, filename):
        self.learn_inference = load_learner(Path()/filename)
        self.img = self.get_image_from_upload()
        if self.img is not None:
    def get_image_from_upload():
        uploaded_file = st.file_uploader("Upload Files",type=['png','jpeg', 'jpg'])
        if uploaded_file is not None:
            return PILImage.create((uploaded_file))
        return None

    def display_output(self):
        st.image(self.img.to_thumb(500,500), caption='Uploaded Image')

    def get_prediction(self):

        if st.button('Classify'):
            pred, pred_idx, probs = self.learn_inference.predict(self.img)
            st.write(f'Prediction: {pred}; Probability: {probs[pred_idx]:.04f}')
            st.write(f'Click the button to classify') 

if __name__=='__main__':


    predictor = Predict(file_name)

and i always get this error, i think it's back to the last 3 lines in the code but i don't understand what's wrong

FileNotFoundError                         Traceback (most recent call last)
~\AppData\Local\Temp/ipykernel_2652/ in <module>
      3     file_name='export.pkl'
----> 5     predictor = Predict(file_name)

~\AppData\Local\Temp/ipykernel_2652/ in __init__(self, filename)
     17     def __init__(self, filename):
---> 19         self.learn_inference = load_learner(Path()/filename)
     20         self.img = self.get_image_from_upload()
     21         if self.img is not None:

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\fastai\ in load_learner(path, file, test, tfm_y, **db_kwargs)
    619     "Load a `Learner` object saved with `export_state` in `path/file` with empty data, optionally add `test` and load on `cpu`. `file` can be file-like (file or buffer)"
    620     source = Path(path)/file if is_pathlike(file) else file
--> 621     state = torch.load(source, map_location='cpu') if defaults.device == torch.device('cpu') else torch.load(source)
    622     model = state.pop('model')
    623     src = LabelLists.load_state(path, state.pop('data'))

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\torch\ in load(f, map_location, pickle_module, **pickle_load_args)
    592         pickle_load_args['encoding'] = 'utf-8'
--> 594     with _open_file_like(f, 'rb') as opened_file:
    595         if _is_zipfile(opened_file):
    596             # The zipfile reader is going to advance the current file position.

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\torch\ in _open_file_like(name_or_buffer, mode)
    228 def _open_file_like(name_or_buffer, mode):
    229     if _is_path(name_or_buffer):
--> 230         return _open_file(name_or_buffer, mode)
    231     else:
    232         if 'w' in mode:

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\torch\ in __init__(self, name, mode)
    209 class _open_file(_opener):
    210     def __init__(self, name, mode):
--> 211         super(_open_file, self).__init__(open(name, mode))
    213     def __exit__(self, *args):

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'export.pkl\\export.pkl'
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