what is the logic to wait for workflow END_time?

I have created one workflow 1] WF_OFSLL_WVR_STTS_CHK for checking the duration of another workflow that is 2] WF_OFSLL_WVR_MASTER_LOAD to check the how much time it has taken to complete the workflow. i scheduled both workflow at 3 am. so , i want logic for when 2 workflow start it should wait for END_TIME and once it complete it should have to calculate the duration of master load workflow START and END Time.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-02-24 20:25 Maciejg

    1. How about command task with file touch at the start of WF_OFSLL_WVR_MASTER_LOAD and another command task with file touch as last step? You can easily compare the timestamps then?
    2. Or checking the logs?
    3. Or checking the repository metadata?

    Anyhow I cannot find any justification for using another workflow for this purpose.

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