.NET Test Explorer tree keeps spinning forever with Selenium Chrome WebDriver

Only when using Selenium WebDrive and if the Chrome is opened as per the following code:

IWebDriver driver;
driver = new ChromeDriver();

then, the progress indicator on the test tree will keep on spinning forever. If I don't open Chrome by commenting out the new ChromeDriver(), it works fine.

Following are components used:

  1. VSCode Extension .NET Core Test Explorer v0.7.7
  2. Dotnet sdk version: .NET 5.0
  3. Unit test framework: NUnit 3.13.1
  4. The link to the repo with the issue: https://github.com/tarekahf/NUnit-Selenium
  5. Selenium WebDriver: 4.1.0

See the snapshot below.

Please help to resolve this issue.


NUnit test keeps spinning

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